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We know that getting a new toy is fun. But new doesn’t always mean straight from the shop! Toys should have more than one life. By connecting pre-loved toys with kids who will love them, Loopd Kidz helps keeps them out of landfill for as long as possible. The MVP of our app has just launched in celebration of Keep Australia Beautiful Week! Download, post, swap, gift and please send us feedback so we can make it even better for you!

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Meet LoopdKidz

  • Kids are engaged and empowered

    Kids love feedback on the toys they've saved. They learn how to share and help the planet.

  • Keeps toys out of Landfill

    We make it easy to save toys by connecting them with kids who will love them.

  • Free and convenient

    Swap your pre-loved toys or 'gift' them to a new loving home. Anytime. For free. All in your local area.

  • Sharing is caring

    By sharing the experience, parents show their kids they care and that their actions do make a difference.

  • Personal, yet private

    Loopd Kidz tailors to preferences while identity and location are kept private.

  • Parental visibility and control

    Parents can access the child's profile, approve toys to be posted and arrange the physical swap.


Our mission is to reduce toy waste, one toy at a time.
Toys are an inherent part of childhood. Of parents surveyed, 85% reported their children own up to over 100 toys… yet actively play with less than 10 of those. Almost all kids get bored of a new toy within 6 months. So many toys simply gather dust before being placed in the trash. It's often hard to find someone who our old toys are appropriate for and charities will not always be able to sell your old toys for various reasons. We believe that toys should get more than one life and swapping is a great way to do this.
The toy industry is worth over $125 billion dollars per annum and rapidly growing. If this many toys are getting produced and our kids are only playing with them for a short period of time, imagine what that looks like as waste. You might have noticed that the majority of toys are plastic or have plastic parts. But you might not realise that most toys are not recyclable. At the end of their life, most of the toys you buy your children will end up in landfill. It's impossible to know the exact amount of waste each child's toys are contributing to this environmental disaster.
Loopd Kidz is an Australian based social venture trying to reduce toy waste by engaging, educating and empowering kids via toy swapping. We make it easy to connect the toys that are gathering dust in your home, with kids in your local area who will actually love them. It's easy because you can post, swap and 'gift' toys anytime for free.
Parents set up the family profile including selecting a local area, usernames, passwords and toy preferences. Parents and kids can post a toy, search for toys in their area and send a swap-request. Once the other party has confirmed the swap, parents are notified and can use the 'Chat Box' to arrange the physical swap with the other parent. Kids score points and earn badges for their effort in the swapping process.
This is to ensure the 'parent' is the only person in the household who is approving a toy to become available for swapping. We also only enable the 'parent' to 'chat' with other parents to arrange the swap.
The parent must 'approve' the toy the child 'posts' before it will appear to other users in the app. Until the parent 'approves' the toy as available the toy will only be visible to the child and the parent. Once the parent has approved the toy as okay to swap, then the child can suggest a swap with any other toy available.
Loopd Kidz does not look at the monetary cost of a toy as a measure of being swap-worthy. If a child no longer plays with a toy, then it is simply being stored. Therefore, swapping it for a toy they will play with, is the real value of the toy. We do not recommend swapping collectibles or toys of great expense on this app.
Loopd Kidz uses your local area as a way of connecting you with toys that are nearby. We default to your local area as a way of making it convenient for parents to physically exchange the toys. We do not collect or store personal information such as names, ages, or addresses.
There might be times where swapping a toy is not what you want or need. Sometimes you may just want to find the toy a new loving home. In this instance, you can post the toy on the app as available to 'gift'. Any user can then accept the 'gift' and the parents arrange the physical collection of the toy via the 'chat' function, just like a regular 'swap'. It's a great way to save toys from landfill and a perfect way to show kids what it means to 'pay it forward'.
We would love to answer any of your questions and hear your feedback, both what you ove and how we can improve. To get in touch email us at loopdkidz@gmail.com
Sometimes the photo of the toy you post to swap may look blurry for a short period of time. This is because the image it may have been flagged for our team to check manually. We take safety seriously and so we use very strict safety filters to ensure all content on our app is appropriate for children.

About us

We are a Sydney based start-up founded by parents who are committed to creating solutions that leave this world a better place for the next generation. We believe in the power of children to change the world. It’s never too early to engage, educate and empower kids to make positive choices for our environment.